Time for Brunch

Brunch has become more popular in recent years and has evolved into a true social event. In the Greater Patchogue area, restaurants noticed the trend and answered, some louder than others. So, we have brunch, but what kind of brunch do you want? That’s the real question.

We have the nice, quiet brunch that is perfect for enjoying a meal with your niece or grandma. This kind of brunch comes with stacks of pancakes with sugary additions like cinnamon apples or fresh berries, and hot egg skillets that include bacon, eggs and sausage. After all, it is still morning when brunch is served, so why not enjoy it peacefully?

There is also the brunch that is artsy, fun and open-minded, which your friends would really appreciate. These menus include sweet items, savory selections and maybe even something spicy. For instance, BrickHouse Brewery offers Banana Walnut French Toast and a Beer-Battered BLT with Avocado, and Arooga’s imaginative brunch menu includes Snickers Pancakes and a Bacon Belgian Waffle, meaning that there is bacon actually in the waffle and not on the side. At these and other locations, you can savor the food and the conversation.

And, then there is the brunch allows you to keep the party going from the night before. If that’s what you crave, the “Before 4” brunch at Flight should be your first stop after you peel yourself out of bed. They host a “Vegas-style” brunch that includes a DJ and delicious food, like the Fireball French Toast that is made with Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and the DBLT, which is a BLT with duck. At these and several other restaurants, the inventive food and the upbeat atmosphere will certainly get your blood pumping for the day ahead.
Besides the restaurants mentioned, brunch menus are popping up all over and the dishes range from comfortable to crazy, but no matter the meal, they are all sure to be delicious.

By Melissa Kuehnle