At Italian Food Products, we take our time to do things right. Each one of our sandwiches starts with a hand-rolled pork-belly selected from a local butcher. We slow-roast it for hours to develop a rich flavor and texture before placing it on fresh ciabatta and topping it with a beautifully green broccoli-rabe pesto.

Our sodas are handmade, starting with fresh fruit and organic sugar. And for an extra-special step, we add a healthy dose of vinegar to each syrup, creating what used to be commonly known as a shrub. It’s an amazing way to keep the irresistible freshness of great food lasting all year long.

And our potatoes begins with a slow-poach in seasoned broth before being doused with olive oil and let to cool. We then since them with our own set of salt and spices before freezing them. This last step may seem like a departure from offering “fresh” products, but the truth is that freezing them resets the starches in the potato and allows them to fry to an unbelievably satisfying texture.

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