The mission of the Greater Patchogue Foundation, Inc. is to advance, promote, and improve the charitable, cultural and educational virtues of the Greater Patchogue area. The Greater Patchogue Foundation, Inc. has been at the forefront of the revitalization of Patchogue Village and helped shape the vision for the community.




The Greater Patchogue Foundation, Inc. has been at the forefront of the revitalization of Patchogue and helped shape the vision for the community. The Foundation works to develop strategies to address the needs and challenges of the community by partnering with innovative business and community leaders and organizations.

The Foundation is a volunteer organization which works to preserve the history and to support the future of the community. Its works have been a visible demonstration of commitment to the ongoing revitalization and preservation of Patchogue. As an umbrella organization for smaller volunteer service organizations, the Greater Patchogue Foundation makes it possible for these groups to receive grants for which they previously did not qualify.

Some of the many accomplishments of the Greater Patchogue Foundation include memorial benches, archways, and seasonal beautifications projects throughout the Patchogue area, the restoration of the Historic Lakeview Cemetery, renovation of the Shorefront Park Playground and scholarship aid for local high school students. The Foundation was also responsible for the inception of Alive After Five® as well as the development of the Community Organization Active in Disaster (COAD) as well as arts and cultural programs in the community.

None of what we do would be possible without the generosity and commitment of our donors and partnerships. To find out how you can help support the Greater Patchogue Foundation call

631-207-1000 or email

If you would like to support the Foundation, please mail your check to:
Greater Patchogue Foundation, Inc.
15 North Ocean Avenue
Patchogue, NY 11772

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Volunteers from the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade pictured with Grand Marshals Peter and Anne Marie Sarich


President: James Skidmore
Immediate Past President: Jacqueline Hensley, William J. O’Neill Sales Exchange
Vice-President: Paula Murphy, Patchogue Garden Club
Vice-President: Rabbi Joel Levinson, Temple Beth El
Secretary: Marian Russo, Village of Patchogue
Treasurer: Ralph Wright, E & R Tax Service
Executive Director: David Kennedy, Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

The 2013-2014 Board of Directors for the Greater Patchogue Foundation, Inc.

The 2014-2015 Board of Directors for the Greater Patchogue Foundation, Inc.



The Greater Patchogue Foundation functions on the tireless efforts of our volunteers who serve on our committees. We are inspired by the organizations and individuals that come together to work collaboratively to build a thriving and caring community. Contact us to lend your time, expertise and knowledge for a better Greater Patchogue.


For over 40 years, the Beautification Committee has devoted itself to promoting awareness and encouraging participation of beautification projects in the Greater Patchogue communities. The committee is responsible for the design and implementation of seasonal plantings, memorial archways and benches and the popular annual Eloise Staudinger Beautification Fundraiser which helps to raise awareness and funds for the committee to continue its efforts to beautify the Greater Patchogue area. The Beautification Committee is seeking the support and cooperation of individuals and groups to help make Patchogue beautiful.

Cemetery Restoration Committee

The Cemetery Restoration Committee (CRC) is a group of volunteers dedicated to the ongoing preservation and restoration of the historic cemeteries located on the corner of West Main Street and Waverly Avenue in the Village of Patchogue. These cemeteries include the Lakeview, Rice, Old Episcopal, Union, and Gerard Cemetery. Its mission is to promote the history and the natural beauty of the cemeteries and to provide new landscape as well as architectural features for the benefit of the descendants of those who rest in these cemeteries, the residents and the visitors to Patchogue for generations to come.

The CRC has a number of subcommittees to help support its mission including:

Cemetery Task Force Committee

This committee works diligently to provide assistance with redevelopment of the cemetery, ownership and maintenance liability issues and development of financial resources not only to maintain and restore the cemetery, but to investigate the possibility of restoring the cemetery to a level that it could once again become a functioning cemetery for the citizens of the surrounding Long Island communities.

Dia de los Muertos Celebration Committee

This fun and colorful fundraising event honoring the Latin American holiday, Dia de los Muertos, celebrates the lives of those laid to rest in the cemeteries of Lakeview. Guests come decked out in their finest Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Regalia to enjoy live Mariachi, food and libations for a night to remember.

Community Organization Active in Disaster (COAD)

The Greater Patchogue COAD (Community Organization Active in Disaster) seeks to enhance citizen and community readiness through individual, organizational, faith-based, and business cooperation to support all-hazard preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

Cultural Heritage

The aim of the Cultural Heritage Committee is to coordinate, promote and support community cultural events. Focusing on art and culture in Patchogue, this group includes several subcommittees that organize parades and festivals that celebrate our diverse community. These cultural events are essential in providing education and cultural experiences for residents and visitors to our community.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

This fun committee is responsible for determining the next Grand Marshal, organizing the annual Grand Marshal Passing of the Sash event, assisting in the coordination of the “May the Road Rise to Meet Ye” 5K Run, organizing the highly popular St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Main Street in Downtown Patchogue and promoting the local Wit and Wisdom booster.

Patchogue Italian Feast of Saint Liberata 

For over 50 years, this committee has brought the Feast of Saint Liberata to downtown Patchogue drawing crowds to Main Street to celebrate Italian ancestry with a family-friendly “San Gennaro” style feast including music, food and more. The committee determines the next honoree and is responsible for the coordination and promotion of the event and program.


Grants Committee

The mission of the Grants Committee is to seek and identify funding to provide financial resources that address quality of life issues for all businesses and residents of the Greater Patchogue community. Elected officials and their representatives who play a vital role in providing local, town, county, state and federal funds are also invited to attend these meetings. The Committee maintains an inventory of current grant applications and monitors the progress of each project until it is implemented.


Scholarship Committee


The Scholarship Committee evaluates applications and assists in awarding scholarships to the young and aspiring business owners of our community.

Theatre Committee

Our Theatre Committee produces shows at The Patchogue Theatre for Performing Arts, which includes preparing contracts with the artist and theatre; all backstage preparations, including food and other items required by the contract; and arrangements for the sound and lighting. Members write and send out press releases, mailings, ads, and programs for the show, as well as coordinate and attend the day of the event.

Waterfront Committee

The Blessing of the Fleet on the Patchogue River that takes place on the first Sunday in June is an annual tradition. This Committee arranges for the boat and clergy, and does all of the advertisements. It also notifies the restaurants and marinas on the Patchogue River and the Great South Bay.


Our Mission
The Greater Patchogue Community Organization Active in Disaster (COAD) seeks to enhance citizen and community readiness through cooperation between individuals, organizations, faith-based institutions, and businesses to support all hazard preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.
We believe that the best time to train, prepare and become acquainted with one another is prior to an actual disaster response.
It is our belief that training is a priority of a viable COAD.


About COAD

When disaster strikes, lives, homes, communities, and businesses may be damaged or destroyed. Those affected often need substantial short-term help and long-term support to put their lives back together. Community organizations, working in coordination with governmental first responders, provide vital assistance. The Greater Patchogue organizations come together to form the Greater Patchogue Community Organization Active in Disaster (COAD).

COAD itself does not provide services to the community, but rather creates a framework to identify existing resources and allows all organizations to work in tandem. Collaboration and communication ensure that services are not being duplicated, and improve the delivery of services to our residents following a disaster.

COAD Core Values

Cooperation: We need each other. No single member organization has all of the answers for the challenges we may face. Members are treated as partners.

Communication: We maintain beneficial channels for correspondence, listen carefully to members and deal openly with concerns. Sharing information among our member organizations about our resources, capacities, accomplishments, and commitment is essential.

Coordination: We commit ourselves to working together toward our goal of providing the best possible service to those affected by the disaster. Through planning and preparation, we facilitate an enhanced response.

Collaboration: We dedicate ourselves to working together to achieve specific goals. We form partnerships before and during disaster response.

Would you like to join?

Help your community TODAY and in the future …
Join your community partners and come together in times of disaster.
Contact us and pre-register as a volunteer … be someone your community, your neighbors and your friends can depend on.

For more information or to join the COAD, contact us.
Greater Patchogue COAD
15 North Ocean Avenue
Patchogue, NY 11772



The Greater Patchogue Foundation, Inc. awards a scholarship to a Patchogue-Medford High School Senior each year who proves that he or she has been thoroughly involved in his or her local community.

Patchogue-Medford High School Scholarship Award

Past recipients of the Greater Patchogue Foundation, Inc. scholarship include:

2008: Dominic Ditresso ($1000) and Taylor Maharaj ($1000)
2007: Devalkumar Patel ($1000) and Danielle Rusolino ($1000)
2005: Joseph Pesquiera ($750) and Amy Ventimglia ($750)
2004: Kevin Dymond ($750) and John Manley ($750)
2003: Evelyn Kelly ($500), Jennifer Malenovsky ($1000) and Thomas Palemire ($1000)