Renewing life in the Lakeview Cemetery

If you have ever traveled to Patchogue, chances are you have passed the Lakeview Cemetery located on Waverly Avenue and Main Street. Many residents from Patchogue and surrounding communities, including Brookhaven and Blue Point, are interred here. At one time, this historic cemetery was nearly unrecognizable due to overgrown vegetation and years of neglect. That […]

Make the Move

So, you are thinking about moving? Well, Long Island is filled with many great communities, but Patchogue is one great place to consider. The Greater Patchogue area has much to offer, including private and public school education, parks, entertainment and so much more. In today’s hustle and bustle, convenience is key. Patchogue is accessible by […]

Gardening Tips

Eva Rodriguez-Greguski is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization, Home Grown Change and is one of the organizers of the annual summer dinner, Island to Table. HomeGrown Change is committed to helping schools and community groups grow their own food and learn about native plants using sustainable methods. You can follow them on Facebook […]

Time for Brunch

Brunch has become more popular in recent years and has evolved into a true social event. In the Greater Patchogue area, restaurants noticed the trend and answered, some louder than others. So, we have brunch, but what kind of brunch do you want? That’s the real question. We have the nice, quiet brunch that is […]

2017- A Year to Remember

2017- A Year to Remember The Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 93rd year in 2017. Within those 93 years, many businesses have been on Main Street, moved, burned down or unfortunately, closed. However, there are still many that are fortunate enough to be in business significantly longer than the average small business. […]